Dr Puck knows that to become a magician –that is a magician that truly entertains with a magical, powerful and memorable performance- you need to love, respect and have a deep knowledge of magic as a performance art.

This site provides lessons in a nutshell about how to do magic and become a magician, mainly through quotes from leading magicians of all times around the world. The quotes and excerpts come mostly from Dr. Puck’s actual readings and magic enthusiasts willing to share their readings. I do not outsource to get the quotes for me. An effort has been made to provide the complete reference details (author, source, date). If seemed necesary the context of the quotation is provided.

The quotes are presented to highlight in few sentences the most important aspects of magic as a performance art. By no means are the quotes intended to substitute the wonderful experience of reading the whole books, magazines, articles or essays, or even better the role of a mentor or formal magical training.

If you want to learn from the wisdom of fellow magicians, amateur or professional, beginner or seasoned, young or old,  not very well known or famous; this site might be helpful in your magical journey. If your main interest is in the newest sleight of hand and tricks please refer to other sources, there are plenty devoted to those matters.

Dr. Puck has been a magic enthusiast for more than 30 years. He belongs to the International Brotherhood of Magicians since 1998. Dr. Puck holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University which might seem odd. However, it is not uncommon to have magicians with very strong academic backgrounds and brilliant professionals (aside from Magic that is) in many areas.